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Please fill in the form below and we will send you the AmSchool Full Presentation by email.

The presentation contains additional information related to our school, its study patterns, all the administrative aspects of admission and enrolment process, tuition fees and more.

We regularly organize AmSchool – KEO Events as an opportunity for you to meet us, to answer your queries and for children/teenagers to experience the way we work. Invitations are sent only to parents who have completed the form.

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    “A beautiful experience, for us as parents, but especially for Andreea. A place where she discovered herself and learned beautiful and useful things for the future. Thank you!”

    Mama Andreei

    ”I really appreciate that your program inspired my child to come to class with great joy. I admire the way your team works. Thanks to you, my child wants to attend the second year as well.”

    Mama lui Michael
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    AmSchool KEO Events

    AmSchool KEO events are specially designed so that prospective students can have a full understanding of our educational offer. Teenagers and young adults will be able to see how we work and what their benefits are, also what graduation requirements are. Parents will be given the chance to ask specific questions for which they search an answer. You will get the opportunity to get acquainted with AmSchool staff and later decide what is best for your child.

    Our events are scheduled regularly, but depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve, if these events cannot be held at our premises, they will be scheduled online.

    Graduation Ceremony

    Graduation ceremonies are held on a yearly basis for our 8th grade and 12th grade students. 12th grades graduates will be able to participate at the graduation ceremony held in the USA at the premises of University of Missouri campus.

    AmSchool Graduates

    After graduation, we will remain in contact with all our graduates and support them to get accepted into the universities they desire, and also because we consider them an asset as well as an important source of inspiration for their younger peers.

    Suntem în perioada de înscrieri pentru anul școlar 2024-2025. Înscrierile se fac în limita locurilor disponibile.

    Vă rugăm să completați formularul de contact sau să ne dați un telefon la 0771.083.656 (Cristina Manoliu - Admissions Coordinator).