High School

If you are a 9 -12 grade student who wants to study in a completely different school, in which you do your own program, study whatever you like, when, where and the way you like it, a school in which you have the freedom to think and to choose and a real open and equal relationship with your teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches or mentors whose only purpose is to prepare you to get into the university you want, then AmSchool is the best option for you.

Your benefits

  • Personalized study program

At AmSchool you have to earn a number of credits anually. These credits come from Core Courses (like Maths, English, Science etc.) and from Elective Course. You can choose from a variety of courses in accordance with your interests. You have the choice of two education paths, each one with a personalized main suite containing hundreds of courses. For your convenience and flexibility, you have three choices to do these courses: Live Program (at school), Online Program (from home) or Dual Diploma Program (alongside and simultaneously with your current high school timetable, an alternative which is highly appreciated by universities). Come to one of our AmSchool Events to find out more about your study opportunities.

  • Earn a US Diploma from Romania, without travelling

At AmSchool you will earn a high school diploma without travelling to the US, from the comfort of your home. You don`t need to spend a lot to meet the Diploma requirements.

  • A pragmatic curriculum

Study just like any other international student, focusing on critical thinking, being pragmatic and connected with real life.

  • Personalized support

An experienced team of teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches and mentors at your disposal guides you to your only goal, success.

  • Personal Development, Leadership and Entrepreunership Training and Projects

AmSchool includes Success Academy courses that develop children and teenagers’ real life skills and abilities for their daily success ( setting goals, making decisions, problem solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, public speaking, debate, argumentation, negotiation, presentation skills, team leadership, projects, entrepreneurship etc.)

  • Romanian Tutors Support

Your learning is assisted by certified Romanian tutors, whose support you can get as often as you need. Furthermore, tutors will explain concepts, provide you with learning experiences and counsel you about your academic progress, test preparation, university admission and so on.

  • No need for private tutoring or after school programs

The way the school is structured will keep you on track with all the learning demands, so the rest of time is yours.

  • No need for English Language Certifications

After you are accepted at Amschool, you`ll follow a school program in English that will ensure your access to international universities.

Fill in the contact form and one of our consultants will invite you and your parents to one of our Know-Each-Other Events. You`ll find out all the information you need. We will be glad to meet you!

The High School program offers students an individualized high school experience. This study plan is designed to prepare students for meeting college and university entrance requirements and be successful in a college setting.

  • Online content, flexible environment to learn anytime, anywhere and working with our tutors to have a total blended learning experience
  • A  Diploma from an accredited High School
  • Access to Student Support Services, a library of academic resources, and an award-winning curriculum
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony and join student organizations.

Diploma Requirements

To receive your High School Diploma, you must successfully complete the General Requirements below, with a minimum of 5 Credits (10 Course Enrollments).  

  • Units of Credit are expressed in Carnegie Units.
  • High School courses are equivalent to semester courses and equal to 0.5 Credits
  • Practical Arts category includes courses in agriculture, business, family & consumer sciences, and industrial technology.

The High School Program aims to give you a deep understanding of the different topics you`ll study and to prepare you for international exams.

International Universities Acceptance

Our High School graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities in 41 states across the United States and to international universities in Spain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Canada etc.

High School graduates have been accepted into some of the most prestigious and traditionally selective institutions in the world, including: Oxford University, Cambridge University, Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell University, Rice University, Carnegie Mellon University, Wakeforest University, University of Michigan etc.

Our Students Achieve Top Scores

For example, the ACT test assesses students’ general educational development and ability to complete college coursework. ACT has established the following as college readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses: English Composition – 18 on English Test, Algebra – 22 on Mathematics Test, Social Science – 22 on Reading Test, Biology – 23 on Science Test. Our graduates averaged a composite score of 25 on the college prep exam. 

Entry requirements

The High School General Requirements:

Participation in one of our Know-Each-Other Events

Proof of English Language Proficiency

Current School Transcripts

Admission File

Essay argumenting your motivation to earn a USA High School Diploma

High School Courses Structure

Provided by AmSchool, this credits course structure is expressed in Carnegie units, with one unit reflecting one year of coursework. You`ll have to earn 25 units for your USA High School Diploma.

English / Language Arts – 4 units

Math – 4 units

Science – 3 units

Social Studies – 3 units

Fine Arts – 1 unit

Practical Arts – 1 unit

Physical Education – 1 unit

Health – 0,5 units

World Languages – 2 units

Electives – 5,5 units

Romanian Language – 4 years

Romanian History – 2 years

Romanian Geography – 2 years

Personal Development – 4 years

Leadership & Entrepreunership – 4 years


How you study

Provided by AmSchool, this program is available in three forms of study:

OnSite Program: you`ll study in the classroom or in other specially designed learning spaces, in groups of maximum 12 students, with the support of an entire team of teachers, tutors, coaches, trainers and mentors.

OnLine Program: you`ll study in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are, if you and your family are on the move. You`ll have a group of peers whom you`ll be able to socialize with. Of course, you`ll have access to live classes, in real time or recorded.

Dual Diploma Program: you`ll study AmSchool in parallel with your current high school. This means that a lot of your courses done in your current high school will be transfered and recognised by AmSchool whereas some other courses (like English, for example) will take place at AmSchool. Universities across Europe/USA appreciate Dual Diploma.

Career Orientation

From the addmission at AmSchool you`ll enter a process of career orientation, which will be an ongoing activity lasting until high school graduation.

Based on your skills and interests, you`ll be required to get involved in extracurricular activities such as projects, entrepreneurial initiatives or social actions and to experiment different career paths. The process of counselling for career consists of:

Experiment careers

Fine observation and feedback

Testing interests and personality

Career classes


Suntem în perioada de înscrieri pentru anul școlar 2024-2025. Înscrierile se fac în limita locurilor disponibile.

Vă rugăm să completați formularul de contact sau să ne dați un telefon la 0771.083.656 (Cristina Manoliu - Admissions Coordinator).