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AmSchool is partnering with Mizzou Academy

University of Missouri is one of the first public institutions in the world to create a College of Education (1867), so Mizzou Academy and the K12 program are unique. Established in 1913, it has now become the only fully online school that is part of a nationally ranked College of Education, therefore consistently placed amongst the top education colleges in the U.S. The Mizzou Academy school and the College of Education are on the beautiful MU Campus and instruction is founded on cutting-edge research at this world-class university.

Mizzou Academy provides AmSchool with the top class courses based on research and development under the authority of MU Faculty Staff. Mizzou Academy’s professional native teachers will supervise the work and assess our students’ progress. AmSchool brings this partnership the necessary human touch of a great team of certified tutors, trainers, coaches and mentors who are meant to assist both in class and online AmSchool students so as to meet the requirements of the Mizzou Academy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who signed the AmSchool partnership?

The AmSchool Partnership is signed by Mizzou Academy (US) and Success Academy (RO).

Why American Alternative School?

We have built a model school aiming to inspire a radical bottom-up change in education. We strongly consider that the vision and the development of the school system first comes from open-minded teachers who have the power to change old habits. That`s why AmSchool was designed as a fully independent school. We know, parents are a little reluctant about independent school systems. That`s why AmSchool is a partnership of prestigious learning providers with proven results in terms of graduation and student admission in top universities.


For more than 20 years we are developing in Romania pragmatic educational systems and we deliver tailored programs, 100% adapted to our students needs. In the last 5 years we have developed Success Academy, the most powerful and coherent program of Personal Development, Leadership and Entrepreunership for Romanian children and teens. We are working today with more than 300 students, accomplishing great results on their development, thus parents asked us why we do not think about building a school with the same philosophy.


In 2018 we started doing research on accredited school programs around the world and we discovered that there are so many options to educate our children in an up-to-date education sistem. As parents, we think our kids have the right to study in modern learning environments and be educated in the same systems that they will further embrace for their higher education. That`s why we have spoken with over 20 learning providers around the world. Our research stopped at two programs: Mizzou Academy, for the tradition, experience, courses quality and research in education, and Advantages International School – for their flexibility and innovative spirit.

Building a school

We have built a hybrid school, blending online and face to face tuition, perfectly suitable for 2020s. A school which is safe, reasonable, sane and in the right mind and enables us to have:

  1. School books in online. We are using digital interactive coursebooks where children are responsible for covering study topics and completing task based learning activities.
  2. Parents who have real time access to their children’s student reports.
  3. Romanian tutors that clarify the topics in depth and are in permanent contact with their learners so as to meet all the graduation requirements (in the classroom or online).
  4. Romanian Language, History and Geography lessons that come into special focus. We have brought together the best online curriculum providers and the teaching expertise of our Romanian tutors, who have built a totally new syllabus based on 4 principles: usefulness, interactivity, pragmatism and critical thinking.
  5. Socialisation and motivation that are supported by a team of trainers, coaches and mentors, adding extra value.
  6. Customized processes of personal development and leadership skills building offered to all students right from the very start. Entrepreneurship projects that give students the practical experience they further need, provided by Success Academy in partnership with AmSchool.

We strongly believe that the development process of all children is a holistic one and includes all the afore mentioned aspects.  

“The program is very important for the personal development of the teenager. It teaches him to ask questions, to look for answers, to work in a team, to manage his time and emotions. It brings the child into the present everyday society.”

Matei`s Father

Suntem în perioada de înscrieri pentru anul școlar 2024-2025. Înscrierile se fac în limita locurilor disponibile.

Vă rugăm să completați formularul de contact sau să ne dați un telefon la 0771.083.656 (Cristina Manoliu - Admissions Coordinator).