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You do not need a local Baccalaureate Diploma to be admitted to a European or US university or … even a Romanian one.


Today, all universities and colleges in the world keep tests such as SAT, ACT or A Levels in high regard, for these tests reflect more accurately the level of knowledge and development of adolescents.


In the current worldwide context, children’s  need to attend and graduate from a modern high school where they practice critical thinking and not learning useless concepts by heart is more than justified.


Young adults need to be granted an academic certification that ensures their immediate access to the most important universities in the world. Therefore, obtaining a US internationally recognized diploma is AmSchool’s promise.


AmSchool’s courses are internationally accredited by globally recognized prestigious institutions, such as Cognia, NCAA, College Board, National Honor Society.


Our partners in the USA guarantee that diplomas obtained are the ideal alternative to outdated local education system.

High School

American Alternative High School Program offers student education Core Courses created and tested over the years by specialist educators, practitioners and experts (i.e. Maths, English, Science etc.), but also focuses on personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. The curriculum’s core skills and values aim to emphasize, check and extend the ability of problem solving, critical inquiry and research, to develop intellectual curiosity and raise awareness about social responsibility. The high school focuses on a wide range of courses, for instance Honors, AP (Advanced Placement courses, which are college or faculty courses taken in advance), or main suite regular level courses. Basically, students are stimulated to participate in AP classes since these are considered the benchmark of excellent academic standards. 


Graduation requirements include performing several hours of community service and involving in individual or team projects. AmSchool provides a framework for a wide array of clubs focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship and academic excellence.


Our academic proposal to Romanian students is a different kind of high school in which values always prevail, namely respect towards the learner and his learning styles and autonomy, freedom of thought and speech, open and positive partnership with AmSchool teaching and support staff.

Middle School

The program of American Alternative School is rigorous, however the school recognizes the utmost importance of other-than-school activities. All students will perform weekly extracurricular activities. Students are involved in various projects according to their interests, in social activities or entrepreneurial initiatives.


Custom made classes are provided so that students can build relationships with peers, as well as with teaching and administrative staff.


Teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches and mentors work together in teams to identify areas of weakness and design specific action plans for students who do not manage to cope with the tasks, to the best of their ability.


All students are given the opportunity to succeed and benefit from continual school support. We embark our students on an academic journey in which they will experience free thinking and coherent personal development on all layers: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Our promise to children, teenagers and young adults is to prepare them for all the challenges they must face in high school on a daily basis, by implementing pragmatic educational concepts and methodologies loved by all learners.

We are the only Romanian Flipped Education School that takes pride in its focus on personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship and the only one that shapes children's evolution and progress based on their talents and proclivities, a hybrid fully independent and internationally accredited school. We are the ideal springboard and the most significant stepping stone for those aiming to achieve academic excellence and further study at the most prominent universities in the world.

”At the beginning of that school year, our child was withdrawn and introverted, but after completing the program, she became a better communicator and the more mature and open person.”

Amalia`s Father

”I was pleasantly surprised to find out how dedicated the trainers were, how they nurtured and cherished the teenagers’ needs. I highly recommend the well structured and specially designated program that involves the young adults, challenge the insights of different personal and professional life.”

Ana`s Mother

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We are definitely committed to giving students an education and experiences for a lifetime, but more than that we channel our support and we strive to assist them in succeeding and climbing their career ladder. Our students are encouraged to discover a field they’re passionate about and to dare for more. 

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AmSchool Promise

Our promise is to accompany our students from the moment of enrollment and until they will be admitted to the faculty they want, in Romania or abroad.

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