A Complete Support Team for Our Students' Success

”Nobody is left behind!”

This is our First Principle. It means there are no children unwilling to learn, but only wrong methods and/or uninspiring teachers. That`s why we form a complete team that ensures students’ success.

Teachers = Native American, AmSchool Teachers’ role is to create learning environments and to assess the coursework and the effort.

Tutors = AmSchool tutors’ role is to explain and clarify concepts until they are fully understood. Tutors support learning with everything necessary to meet school requirements.

Trainers = AmSchool trainers’ role is to check and extend new skills, to develop modern attitudes towards success and to maintain children’s motivation. They conduct the Personal Development/Leadership/Entrepreunerism Programs.

Coaches = AmSchool Coaches’ role is to organize students learning efforts, to focus their actions, to establish success criteria and to set up children goals in learning and development personalized plans.

Mentors = Mentors’ role is to inspire AmSchool students, to give them the vision and the right attitude for success.

Counsellors = Counsellors’ role is to observe and to assess learning styles. The counsellor is the head of the Support Team in order to put all the efforts together for the personal benefit of the student.


We have introduced the majors concept in AmSchool as a personal public statement pertaining to student academic intentions. Therefore, in high school we will be working with majors that are closely related to students’ further higher education and career options. We are aware that one student may like some courses and dislike others, which is normal, since there are no children who excell at every course.

In a nutshell, a major consists of a specific suite of courses that leads to a particular domain of activity. But, majors are much more than just a set of courses, they are an important life decision. Students have the possibility to test and to choose what they like to do. We aim to accompany our students in their academic journey helping them find appropriate majors starting with Freshman year, but also continuing during Sophomore year, if needed. Our target remains to find the most suitable majors by the end of their Junior year.










Most parents are worried that their children will not be able to choose their own career path wisely. But, if we think about it, we understand that it is normal for them not to be able to decide. It is very difficult for children to choose from hundreds of options they know nothing about. It would be hard for us, too.

Choosing a career is a long term process, not a decision moment. That`s why, in AmSchool, we place great emphasis on self-knowledge, continuous feedback from learning staff, career counseling, observing personal trends, career testing and, of course, choosing Majors. Together, they make the process more conscious and easier to navigate.

Learning Process

Instead of the obsolete ”push” learning strategy, we work with a ”pull” strategy. The learner must be in the center of the education process and we must respond to his specific learning needs. 

The push learning is an unbalanced relationship in which the learner must respond to the teacher`s demands.

The pull strategy means a partenerial relationship with the teacher. The learner is responsible for his learning and is asking for help when he needs. The teacher role is to respong to learner`s demands.

Every child learns and achieves the desired academic outcomes if they are in the right learning context. We strive to accomplish full learner autonomy, so our students solely undertake the responsibility of their own learning. Let`s see how our learning process functions:

  • Subject matter: topics are well-defined with specific learning aims and target language to acquire
  • Discovery: learners try to understand the concepts on their own in an individual effort (following the principle of learner autonomy)
  • Plan: students plan what to do to best acquire the given topic (following the principle of learner autonomy)
  • Tutors accompany their learners in the process of understanding
  • Work: learners work on the topic
  • Notes: learners make notes and organize the information
  • Portfolio: in this production stage students have to prepare a portfolio (consisting of a presentation, an article, a collage etc.) that proves the understanding of the topic
  • Reflection: students reflect on the topic together, in a class set under tutor`s supervision

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Self Development
Your Way

10 Whys to Choose AmSchool?

  1. a totally different school from the already existing ones
  2. USA accredited curricula & Diplomas
  3. focus on critical thinking
  4. focus on Personal Development, Leadership & Entrepreunership
  5. pragmatic study topics
  6. small classes (12 peers)
  7. learning spaces that meet your needs (individual work, pairwork, small group or whole class projects)
  8. a dedicated support team at your disposal (teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches, mentors, counsellors)
  9. interactive learning process
  10. career orientation

Find out more about all these benefits at one of our AmSchool-KEO Events.

Self Development

We believe students don`t only have to know things, more than that, we have faith in their skill development. Young people need to acquire real skills from real life experiences and events. That`s why we add to AmSchool the Success Academy program, the most powerful and transformative Personal Development Program in Romania.

We will be together from the very beginning accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery. We will work on developing your skills of goal setting, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, presentation, public speaking, arguing and debating, negotiation, communication and managing relationships, trust building, leading a team, starting and leading a project and many other abilities and topics, such as creativity, talent development, that will help you succeed in real life situations.

AmSchool is the only school program in Romania that helps you fulfill your true potential. AmSchool is an experience every child or teenager wants to have.

Your Way

At AmSchool we respect and encourage your way. We support you with all our knowledge and expertise to find your way based on your skills, proclivities and interests and to succeed.

We believe in personalized education because people are different and they have a wide range of visions and skills. Mammoth education systems, which only care about leveling you and your classmates down, have failed around the world.

A modern cutting-edge education system is the only one that values your talent and uniqueness and knows how to stimulate them accordingly.

We believe in YOU. 


We believe in entrepreunership as a state of mind. Whatever your academic choice is, entrepreunership is a plus for your education. You could be a doctor, a lawyer, or a bio-scientist or have any occupation in the world. Entrepreunership will help you to practically put on the international market your acquired knowledge and abilities.

However, entrepreunership doesn`t only mean making money. It also means the courage and responsibility to make a better life for your employees and their families. All advanced societies have been built on entrepreneurial skills. That`s why, in AmSchool, we choose to train them.

Why Study AmSchool?

First of all, the academic path of the enrolled young people is a “customized” one according to the interests and talent of the children. The study program includes basic courses (not optional), elective courses (optional depending on the desired academic path), Romanian language / history / geography courses and personal development courses.

Second, AmSchool is a “different kind of school.” From the format of study spaces that correspond to the learning needs of children (and not vice versa, the child to adapt to the learning space), to the open and close relationship with the educational staff, to the focus on stimulating multiple intelligences and not only mechanic memorizing, AmSchool offers you a unique experience in Romania. We have adapted the whole educational process to the needs of children in order to prepare them to be accepted at the universities they want.

For years you have been taught that you have to take the Romanian Baccalaureate to be successful. In fact, there are many other ways you can get to study at the most prestigious universities in the world.

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